download twitch videos

Download your favorite video streams on Twitch with Twitch Leecher

The streaming live video is a format of online content that earns more followers every day, from those who are entertained watching games video games on Twitch to those who enjoy seeing how others prepare exotic recipes and then test them on camera. If you want to download twitch videos then you can do that by using leecher.

download twitch videos

Despite this, you may sometimes need to be able to access those videos in offline mode, either to enjoy them when you have time to do so or to take them with you on your mobile or tablet without fusing the data rate. And given that Twitch, the most popular video streaming platform, still does not offer that possibility, there is no other alternative than using third-party apps, such as Twitch Leecher.

Although Twitch Leecher is not an official application, that should not throw you back. It is a utility that is easy to use, very practical and perfectly fulfills its mission: to allow you to download Twitch video streams to your computer in MP4 format, so you can see them later at any other time.

Twitch Leecher is, as we said, very easy to use. Just start the program, you can make the first search for material by clicking on the “Search” button in the top bar and entering the name of a Twitch channel, a URL or an ID. Then the program will show you the search results, and you can choose among them the one you are most interested in downloading.

If you choose more than one video, the program will download them one by one, one after the other. In addition, you will have a limit of 10 videos in default download queue, although you can easily modify this limit in the program’s configuration options.

It is possible to configure each download with several details: choose the quality of the video (which logically depends on the quality of the original stream), the folder where it is stored and the name. You also have the option to download only a fragment of the video, which is very interesting considering that the Twitch retransmissions can extend several hours, and the file resulting from that download can take several gigabytes.

download twitch videos

The Twitch Leecher configuration options allow you to modify the default download folder and the template used to name the videos you download. You can also configure it so that when you start the program, do a search in a specific channel. Twitch Leecher works both with public videos and with streams reserved for subscribers, although for this last you will have to authorize the application with your Twitch account.

Of course, there are some details that are missed. In downloads, for example, there is no way to know how long it will take a video to download and how much space it will occupy (there is only one progress bar with the percentage of the download, but nothing else). And, above all, a function that I have missed a lot is to be able to pause downloads.

All in all, Twitch Leecher works very well and can be a great ally for all Twitch fans who want to access offline content at some point.

Twitch is one of the largest live video game platforms out there. It allows players to broadcast their moves live with other players and allows other people to follow their channels and subscribe to receive updates. The only thing it does not have is to be able to record and download those broadcasts. But the latest version of 4K Video Download allows users to do just that! These are a few simple steps to download live broadcasts from Twitch which you can check from us.

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