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vShare: How to Download and install vShare App

How to install vShare

vShare is a free application installer for iPhone, iPod, iPad and vshare pc, this app can be downloaded on all devices even for windows too. Due to the recent end of Installous, Apple users have been forced to find another application that has the same characteristics as this and we have finally found the perfect alternative. Even vShare has some improvements over Installous, such as reducing the waiting time to start a download. In order to enjoy vShare on your iDevice you will need to have done the Jailbreak and installed Cydia. If you already have it, read on and discover how to install vShare on your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

download vshare

Steps to follow to download vshare:

If you have not jailbroken your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iOS 7, here is an article where we explain how to do it.

To start installing vShare, you must enter Cydia and click on the “Manage” or “Management” icon on the black strip at the bottom.

Once inside “Manage”, you must give “Sources” or “Sources”, the second option.

Now, to continue with the vshare download installation process, click on the “Edit” or “Edit” icon , top right, and then “Add” or “Drive”, top left.

install vshare

When you click “Add” you will see a small window to introduce a link, in which you must type “” (without the quotes) and click on “Add Source” or “Add Source”. Let it install, this process may take a few seconds.

When the installation is completed, click on “Return to Cydia” to return to the home screen. Now, in order to install vShare on your iDevice, click on “Search” or “Search”, on the bottom right.

In the search bar , type the name of the application “vShare” and it will appear just below the application, press on it.

Now, you just have to click on the “Install” or “Install” icon , on the top right, “Confirm” to confirm the installation and wait for the process to complete. Once the installation is completed, click on “Return to Cydia” to return to the home screen, and then you can go to the main menu of your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

When you are in the menu you will see that you already have the icon of your new application vShare , press on it to open it. You already have vShare installed on your iDevice! Once inside vShare, to find free applications you just have to hit the magnifying glass, top right, and write the name of the application you want to search. And if you want to know other alternatives to Installous, here is a list of the best ones.

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