Best tools and Programs to Keep Your Software Updated

Best tools programs: It is very important that all the software of your PC is always the order of the day. Those responsible for the programs that we have installed in our team constantly work to improve them based on revisions that include changes of all kinds, changes that range from the functional to the aesthetic; but always with the desire to get more features and greater performance.

This means that each user must always be alert and aware that their tools launch notifications about possible downloads, or dive into the networks in search of these improvements. Even so, many programs have appeared in the sector that is in charge of simplifying the procedure through the automatic search and review of everything that has been installed.

best tools programs

Here, we are going to present you with the best tools and programs to keep your software always updated and in the latest version available to date. There are a lot of companies working to make this process much simpler and that, instead of forcing each application to look one by one, a general sweep is made to detect them all and their needs.

This small guide serves so that you have at your disposal the most interesting and complete proposals that exist. Some free and others paid, all serve to make your PC always up to date.

What is the best software updater to always have the latest version of your apps and programs?

The usual way to find and download available updates is to do it manually. Searching each application or program, executing it and proceeding to perform the relevant processes to improve them with their new versions is usually a cumbersome task. However, the updaters serve to end this process and perform it automatically.

If you want to know which is the best software updater to have the most current version of your apps and programs, take a look at the list that we leave below with the 10 best names that there are currently.


It has a free version that has several interesting functions, but which is quite limited in terms of content and possibilities. If you really want to enjoy all the potential and functions of UpdateStar, you have to resort to its paid version. Yes, it is true that you can scan for updates with the freeware version; but it is also that he loses a lot in this scan.

To avoid problems, buying the license is more advisable. With it, you can request that the software make a sweep of all the applications, programs and even drivers of your computer and that all the news be downloaded to be always up to date.

Flexera Personal Software Inspector:

Considered one of the best programs to have all the updates installed both in the field of software and drivers, has in its favor to be one of the most powerful programs on the market, in addition to being fully translated into Spanish and have a user interface very accessible and easy to understand.

Download Flexera Personal here:

It has a very complete analysis option , which reviews everything that is installed on the computer and searches the Internet for available reviews. It also evaluates the effectiveness of the equipment after doing this scan and, if it is necessary to install any of these updates, allows it to be carried out directly.


Software Update Monitor , commonly known as SUMo, is a completely free program that is fully customizable and configurable. You can set a large number of filters when looking for software or apps that need to be updated and even allow it to scan to find versions in the testing phase.

Download SUMo here

The only point against is that it does not allow the direct download. When it detects an available update, it redirects you to web portals from which you start processing all the downloads to be made so that they can be installed.

4 – Update Notifier:

Very easy to use, simple and too humble in terms of possibilities. Update Notifier bet on the facilities and amenities, offering something with a tremendously fast use and full of facilities , but with a database in which enough information is missing to be known for the number of programs that can be updated. Fast and intuitive, but with that point against.

5. Patch My PC:

Patch My PC is a tool that does not require any installation , you can take it on a storage device and always on top to use it on any computer that needs it without just running it. It allows you to uninstall programs in addition to scanning for updates; In addition, it has the possibility of doing the analysis to a complete network of equipment to determine the necessary updates in each one.

6. CNET TechTracker:

The great asset of CNET TechTracker is that it has behind it one of the most important websites in the world in terms of downloads . Thanks to this, it offers the user a huge database that guarantees the coverage of the updates of the vast majority of applications and tools that currently exist. After scanning, it allows direct download.