What Will I Give Up? Money Washed Down The Drain #buynothingnew

I have been reading Kisses from Katie, every day. What an awesome testimony! Seriously, you have to read this book. One of the things I found shocking was how affordable it is to not only provide an education for children in Uganda, but also clothe them, feed them, and get them the medical attention they need.

Yesterday when I was thinking about the challenge of buying nothing new for a year, I wondered what it would look like for me. In my pride, I thought, “I don’t really waste money”. Other than impulse buys I just couldn’t imagine being able to give much more than I already do.

Money Washed Down The Drain

As I was showering I realized something… I was showering with almost $100 worth of product. Seriously?!

WHY? Why am I I washing in a child’s education, clean water, and food money? Why would I do that? Well, the short answer is that I live in a society that is selfish, and ridiculously luxurious and I call myself poor!!


I call myself poor, when children around the world are starving so I can have moisturized HAIR!! I care more about MY hair than I do children. I try to justify it by saying “I work hard, and I deserve to treat myself”. You know what? These kids work harder than I ever have, and I think THEY DESERVE IT!

Well, I can tell you that I will be purchasing much cheaper shampoo, conditioner, and body wash from now on, and the rest of that $ will go towards children, just like these:

Wanna know how little it takes to make a BIG difference? Check this out:

Your gift of $300 a year ($25/month) helps to provide for over 600 children:

  • Education at a Christian school
  • School supplies and uniform
  • 3 meals a day
  • Basic medical care
  • Christian discipleship
  • Spiritual growth activities for the children and their families and/or guardians

BIG difference

As a sponsor you receive:

  • Photo, bio, and artwork from one of the children sponsored through Amazima
  • Bimonthly sponsor-exclusive newsletter
  • Access to The Mukwano Connection (an online portal with more artwork and a letter-writing option)
  • Original artwork once a year from one of the children in the program
  • Updates on Amazima Ministries quarterly